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Plus, exhibitors from the other trade fairs provide an additional pool of prospective customers. HANNOVER MESSE is also an international media event – we host more than 2, journalists from over 40 countries every year – so it is a great place for companies to present their innovations not only to the trade press, but also to daily and business press and television and radio.

Can you explain us the meaning of this year’s motto: Integrated Industry – Join the network? How will this motto be reflected on the fairground? Has the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” finally come?


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Creating Jobs and Supporting the U. Economy By Stefan M. Selig In , the Swiss food company, Nestle, opened a 75, square foot facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jan 11,  · Hannover Fairs USA, Inc. is the U.S. arm of the German Deutsche Messe organization, which annually puts on very large digital technology (CEBIT), manufacturing (Hannover Messe) and machine tool (EMO) industry events in Hannover, Germany. The company is supporting small businesses that want to attend.

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Hannover Messe

Share Michigan is well-positioned to attract global customers as a manufacturing leader and innovator. Ninety-five percent of customers are located outside of the U. MEDC International Trade Programs The international trade program supports Michigan businesses that want to start or expand export activities with initiatives to: Increase awareness of export opportunities and resources Strengthen the knowledge and skills required for success in international markets Introduce Michigan companies to promising export markets Deliver on-the-ground support in key Michigan export markets Arrange financial assistance for qualified export development activities Regionally based international trade managers work with companies to identify their export development objectives and recommend appropriate export programs and resources.

Prep for Hannover Messe Planning Info Event: 22 February (in Utrecht) In order to make the performance in Hannover ‘perfekt’, DutchBasecamp hosted an .

In the visitor survey, 98 percent of visitors expressed the opinion that the significance of VISION will continue to increase in the future 60 percent or remain consistently high 38 percent. New players and technology approaches make the dynamics of the industry tangible Deep Learning solution provider Adaptive Vision represented one of these megatrends shown at VISION Our product has already been proved in numerous applications this year and we are proud to present its maturity here in Stuttgart.

The most important thing connected to industrial applications of Deep Learning is that through simple training we are removing the huge amount of effort and expertise that was required in traditional vision systems to create solutions for difficult applications. Instead of weeks or even months of crafting of algorithms we replace this by simple training of the system. Currently the most attractive are difficult applications for which until now there were no good traditional solutions. The goal of Specim is to make Hyperspectral Imaging easy.

We want to remove the barriers and need of special expertise required to apply Hyperspectral Imaging in an industrial environment. Our history is in remote sensing and environmental monitoring with that expertise in the last years we invested heavily in the industrial use of robust cameras. A lot of them came with their samples in their pocket. That was very exciting as we were able to directly check how Hyperspectral Imaging can help them through testing right at our booth.


Explore the latest key technologies and trends at Hannover Messe this year 06 April Every year, the industrial world gathers in Hannover, Germany for five days to explore the latest key technologies and trends at Hannover Messe. Averaging some , trade visitors and over 5, exhibitors, the show typically generates around 5. But the numbers are only part of the picture.

“In concert with HANNOVER MESSE, we are creating a unique platform for the digitization of the supply chain, with more solutions and innovations than can be seen anywhere else in the world.” From 23 to 27 April , CeMAT and HANNOVER MESSE will be filling the entire exhibition complex in Hannover.

Taking place in Hannover, the event runs from 24th th April, and has exhibitors from all around the world attending, including the UK. Deutsche Messe, the company behind the event, said that stand space for UK exhibitors has significantly increased since the event in Across the five day event there will be a comprehensive display of companies in one place, and forums around Industry 4. These events take place across the world including the US and India.

China has market access and trade events that also take place in Beijing and Shenzhen also, which focus on Industrial Automation and have product categories in factory and product automation, as well as robotics and machine vision. The timing was great for the US market as it had become the bearer of hope for industry. It also includes special displays, conferences, training sessions and matchmaking events. This allows producers of equipment machinery and technology for industrial automation, energy, fluid power and materials handling to be connected with users from Southern Europe and the Middle East, North Africa and former Soviet republics.

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Embassy Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Award is named for Benjamin Joy, an early exemplar of U. Kumar with the winners of the Benjamin Joy Award There were 43 nominations from 34 different countries, a testament to robust State Commerce collaboration — and to the premium our people put on working together to assist American businesses.

Following the ceremony, we also signed a memorandum to further expand the interagency cooperation under the U. The team worked tirelessly over 19 months, through many ups and downs, to ensure a level playing field for a U.

business, with tailored matchmaking offerings designed to maximize the number of promising leads and partnerships generated at the show. “When it comes to successful networking, Hannover offers all the right formats for the HANNOVER MESSE (industrial technology), BIOTECHNICA (biotechnology).

The researchers demonstrated this response to light in a rat retina interfacing with a prototype of the device in vitro. The technology could help tens of millions of people worldwide suffering from neurodegenerative diseases that affect eyesight, including macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and loss of vision due to diabetes. Silva, one of the senior authors of the work and professor in bioengineering and ophthalmology at UC San Diego.

Silva also is one of the original founders of Nanovision. The new prosthesis relies on two groundbreaking technologies. One consists of arrays of silicon nanowires that simultaneously sense light and electrically stimulate the retina accordingly. The nanowires give the prosthesis higher resolution than anything achieved by other devices — closer to the dense spacing of photoreceptors in the human retina. The other breakthrough is a wireless device that can transmit power and data to the nanowires over the same wireless link at record speed and energy efficiency.

Nanowires are bundled into a grid of electrodes, directly activated by light and powered by a single wireless electrical signal. This direct and local translation of incident light into electrical stimulation makes for a much simpler — and scalable — architecture for the prosthesis. The power provided to the nanowires from the single wireless electrical signal gives the light-activated electrodes their high sensitivity while also controlling the timing of stimulation.

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With no company able to offer a complete IoT solution, would be vendors must partner in order to marry expertise and coverage from both the IT and OT worlds, and technology coverage ranging across infrastructure, cloud platforms, cybersecurity, analytics and change management etc. This presentation looks at how to make an ecosystem work, the challenges faced, and ultimately how every partner derives value. Session Sponsored by Cisco IoT in Manufacturing Session Chairs: With more data processed and captured than ever before, IoT vendors are looking to the cloud as the platform for providing analytics and ultimately driving value and new business models to their customer.

But how ready are end-users for these changes, and what technologies are needed to support this?

Hannover Messe Trade Show Plus Germany April 24–28, Hannover Messe () • Matchmaking: One-on-one business appointments with prospective agents, distributors, or buyers will be supported by the Ohio Export Assistance Office.

True to its keynote theme “Connected Supply Chain Solutions”, CeMAT will set the agenda for the intralogistics industry worldwide, with the aim of driving forward the digital integration and networking of value-adding and supply chains. According to an expert survey conducted by management consultancy BearingPoint, eight out of ten companies in Germany’s manufacturing sector that work with supply chains are already busy rising to the challenges of connected supply chains.

Many companies are wondering how they are going to implement Logistics 4. CeMAT has all the answers they are looking for. The main focus is on the interplay between Industry 4. Together they will show how the factory of the future operates, and the central role to be played by intralogistics. For visitors who want to explore the common ground between these two trade fairs, a good place to start is the “Logistics Experience Hub”.

Jungheinrich, for instance, will be presenting order-picking systems, while SMI Handling Systems will show how vacuum technology is making a major contribution to modern product handling. Next April, visitors from industry and trade will find the best of both worlds in Hannover, and can opt to immediately invest in these new technologies and integrated solutions.

First, there is the Logistics 4. The Logistics Solutions Forum in Hall 21 will explore best-practice examples from a wide array of industries.

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At the symposium, more than 85 undergraduate and graduate students present the research they accomplished during the preceding academic year and will discuss their research project with attendees. Senior Scholarship and Graduate Fellowship recipients will deliver oral presentations including a Question and Answer session. Space Grant provides a highly effective and established mechanism to reconstitute and rejuvenate our aging scientific and research personnel and capabilities.

It does so by encouraging our young people to pursue careers in the STEM fields through a variety of means. These include, but are not limited to, undergraduate scholarships and internships, graduate fellowships, research and hands-on projects funding, and collaboration with current scientific researchers. In addition, Space Grant supports pre-secondary teachers in their efforts to engage and attract young people into the STEM fields so they will also enter the scientific fields necessary to keep the USA at the forefront of scientific knowledge and expertise.

The international matchmaking event at formnext in the world of additive manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing solutions.

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